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5 Amazing Tools for Faster, Easier Cleaning

by admin - August 11, 2021

5 Tools for Cleaning

Where would we be without technology? The way we live never stops evolving and the cleaning industry is not an exception. It keeps expanding and new cleaning tools become more efficient, smart, and durable. There are so many different models and brands on the market to make our cleaning routines easier.

You can either take your picks for you or get them as the perfect gift for friends and family. Let’s go through some of the most advanced yet affordable tools for tidying, cleaning, and sanitizing our home.

Tool #1: Anti-static broom

If you have a hard time sweeping your floor because hair and other residues stick everywhere, you could use an anti-static broom. If you have pets, this will work great for removing pet hair and fur.

Anti-static brooms are made with a material that doesn’t generate static, such as rubber. This type of broom will work great on hard floors such as tile and wood.

Antistatic Broom

Tool #2: Steam vacuum cleaner

Steam and hot water overall are actually great cleaning agents. Combine that with the power and efficiency of a vacuum cleaner and you’ll get clean, sanitized spaces in a snap! You can also add different liquids such as vinegar to enhance its cleaning properties.

Make sure you’re using the steam vacuum cleaner on the right kind of surface. Some materials, especially organics such as wooden floors or furniture, do not get along with moisture.

There are vacuum cleaners that are created just for carpet and upholstery. You might want to consider getting one of those if your floors are carpet.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell

Tool #3: Cleaning drill brush

They are also known as Power Scrubber for a reason. You can think of them as the head of a toilet brush attached to a drill. This may seem a little over-the-top but it’s a perfect tool for deep cleaning, especially for your bathroom tiles. Grout can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to deep cleaning so this will be a great solution.

Remember to work smarter, not harder. This tool is ideal for cleaning tiles, but you need to loosen up dirt before. Mix half a cup of baking soda, one spoon of dish soap and two spoons of hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for 10 minutes before using your brand new drill brush!

Toilet Brush

Tool #4: Microfiber mop for cleaning floors

Microfiber is a very effective cleaning material. It absorbs both liquids and dirt better than cotton cloths. This is why a microfiber mop is a great investment. They are usually sold with one or multiple reusable microfiber pads to attach to the stick.

If you get one with multiple reusable pads, you will be able to finish faster because you can use each one of them for a different room in your home.

Microfiber Mop

Tool #5: Handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning your couch

Cordless vacuum cleaners are great for reaching difficult areas, like your window tracks; or places where it might be hard to maneuver around with long cords and tubes, such as your car. Handheld vacuum cleaners usually run on batteries and they include a small container for trash.

Modern handheld vacuum cleaners will also include a crevice tool and a brush, in order to reach even deeper places.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


There you have it! 5 tools to make your cleaning routines feel like a walk in the park. It’s always a good idea to invest in tools that will save you hundreds of hours in the long run and assure effective cleaning results.

Remember, although efficient, they will only work if you don’t let dirt and dust buildup. Get the best cleaning supplies (whether it’s from the store or a DIY solution) in order to maximize the outcome of your routine.

Make sure to stick to a cleaning regime and if you’re extra busy, remember you can always hire a cleaning service!