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Cleaning The Scariest Messes

by admin - December 6, 2018

It was a relaxing summer of 2005 Saturday as I laid on the couch reading a book when I got a call. A frantic voice from one of my cleaning staff yelped “Please come to this job because you won’t believe until you see. Oh, and bring a few bottles of bug killer”. A few bottles of bug killer. Not a good sign.

As I climbed the stairs to the second floor apartment an overwhelming stench of urine invaded my nostrils. The door and all windows were open, gnats casually fluttering out. Upon entering I immediately saw the reason for the bug spray I held – thousands of gnats with the largest concentration in the kitchen. when I say thousands, I am not embellishing one iota. Literally, thousands of gnats filled the room creating a surreal 3D connect the dots puzzle. I started spraying…

The worse messes tend to be with move in/out cleanings, so here is what to do:

First, open all windows and doors. The worse messes have the worse smells that may be detrimental to your health. So thoroughly air out the home.

And if you have a bug problem, you may need to close a few doors. As I sprayed, it quickly became apparent I didn’t have enough bug spray. The solution was spraying in a closet or a room then closing the door so the bug killer could do it’s killing.

Second, start high and dry. As you dust ceiling fans or use the broom to remove cobwebs in the upper reaches of the room, allow them to fall down. Then gradually work your way down to base boards and lower surfaces. Don’t worry about the mess on the floor. The vacuum will make quick work of that.

Third, vacuum. Using the vacuum on both carpet and hard floors when it is more effective than a dust pan. Ensure your vacuum has convenient extensions you can use for corners and crevices.

Fourth, commence with the wet jobs. The trick is to spray all the surfaces, appliances, ovens, sinks, etc with your cleaning solution and let it sit, allowing the cleaning solution to do the heavy work. Come back after 10 to 15 minutes to wipe off. Repeat if necessary.

I’ll pause here to go back to this 2005 job. In the bathroom was a thick gel of yellow around the toilet. The bachelors that had lived here were not only bad aimers, they never cleaned the area around the toilet. I can only assume they had lived there for years for this yellow, thick gel of urine jelly to form. What did we do? Due to the thickness of the matter simply spraying was not going to be effective. My cleaning crew used a scraper to remove the majority. then sprayed a generous amount of all-purpose cleaning solution, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Then wiping it up after the solution did its job was a cinch. Though those rags were trashed – no recycling there.

Finally, mop floors. Start from back to front, eventually mopping your way to the front door for an exit.

Optional: For the exceptional stinky homes poor baking soda on the floors and surfaces before cleaning. Allow it to site overnight, giving it time to eat the obnoxious odors.