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Frisco Maids Offer Advise to on How to Defunk Your Refrigerator

by admin - April 23, 2020 Logo

Salt can be an amazing cleaning hack. consulted with cleaning experts on writing an article, sharing “10 Ways to Use Salt to Keep Your House Spotless”. Number 10 was a salt cleaning hack on how to de-funk your refrigerator shared by Frisco Maids:

When dealing with food-related cleaning, Alberto Navarrete, general manager of Frisco Maids in Dallas, prefers to take a natural approach.

“You don’t want chemicals close to food, so salt is the answer,” he says.

Use a mixture of equals parts salt and white vinegar (or club soda) to clean your refrigerator surface and remove any bad smells.

~ 10 Ways to Use Salt to Keep Your House Spotless