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Get More Window Cleaning Customers – Marketing for Window Cleaners

by admin - April 13, 2018

I figured it was high time that window washer’s got their own marketing tutorial here. In this post we are going to look at lead generation techniques that are specific to window cleaning companies. Ready? Strap in and let’s go!

Referral Sources for Window Cleaning Leads

Feet tired from walking miles and miles handing out flyers? Referral marketing is smarter marketing for window cleaners. Think of companies that would have an opportunity to refer you, here are some good ones to get you started:

  1. Janitorial services. These companies provide ongoing care and maintenance to buildings but they usually subcontract window cleaning because it is a specialized service. Find out how you can get on their vendor list to submit bids.
  2. Residential and commercial cleaning companies, including office cleaning services. Many of these companies turn down window washing jobs because it is not included in the services they are equipped to provide. These are juicy leads because most times you won’t have to compete against other local window cleaners for the leads, if they like you they will refer you.
  3. Janitorial supply companies. Where do you buy your products and supplies from? Might they be willing to recommend you?
  4. Real estate offices (especially commercial if you do commercial buildings.)
  5.  Home builder offices, this is for you residential cleaners. You can find builder offices in new subdivisions or pop in at the “model homes” that they may use as an office while they build.

I always say that if a lead source has good potential to make me money then it’s worth taking the time to go down in person and shake someone’s hand. Map out a bunch of potential lead sources and plan the most time efficient route, get cleaned up so you look professional and hit a bunch of these places in one day. Here is what you should take with you:

  • Marketing material – Business cards, flyers or brochures. If you have coupons take them! If you have anything with pricing information that someone could easily refer to when they recommend you take that too.
  • Proof of insurance- People will ask if you are insured, having that to show them on the spot makes you look trustworthy.
  • W9 – If you are trying to get subcontracts you will want this to be considered for vendor lists.

Networking for Window Cleaning Businesses

It’s true that no man is an island and no business can thrive if it’s cut off from its local community and its fellow businesses in the same industry. Why be friends with the competition? Because you have far more to gain than to lose. You could get referrals and advice, you might learn something new!

Look for local small business associations, they can be a great lead source. Network online too through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Check out our post about getting leads from Facebook!

For more online networking there are a few window cleaner forums you could join:

Window Cleaning Forums (UK based)

Window Cleaning Resource Forums

Window Cleaning Equipment Forum


Here is a big window cleaning industry Facebook group:

Window Cleaning Network Facebook Group


And here is a window cleaner group on LinkedIn:

Window Cleaning LinkedIn Goup


Here are some window cleaner directories, all free to list your business:


For education we like the following resources:

International Window Cleaning Association

Window Cleaning

American Window Cleaner Magazine

Window Cleaning Business Owner Magazine

How to Start a Highly Profitable Window Cleaning Business

How to Become a Certified Window Cleaner

Profitable Window Cleaning – Lots of free information and tips for start ups.