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Here’s the Best Way to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle

by admin - August 4, 2021

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Who doesn’t like a good barbecue? It’s the perfect time to invite your friends & family and have fun while cooking delicious meat or veggies. However, it can be challenging to keep it clean. After all, who wants to clean a barbecue grill after enjoying a great meal?

Here’s the problem. If you own a Blackstone Griddle or any other type of grill, they are constantly in contact with different types of food, fat, and grease. We constantly clean our pans and dishes because they need to be safe for us to put food on them. So why should your grill be any different?

Cooking on a griddle surely gives great results but it can be harder to clean because of its size and type of surface. While you want it to be cleaned, you don’t want to leave scratches. Some Blackstone barbecues also come with a cooking grate, which is harder to clean because it’s not an even, flat surface.

Let’s read how to clean your Blackstone Griddle and get the best out of your Sunday barbecue.

What happens if I don’t clean my griddle?

Several problems may arise. Despite your cooking grates being treated specifically to avoid residues sticking to them, there’s so much they can do if you don’t remove grease and oil manually.

Bacteria and other types of germs need both water and organics to grow. Probably, they are both in your grill right now, especially in places that can reach high humidity levels, like Texas. Rust is also a possibility especially after some time using your griddle.

But don’t worry! It takes time for these issues to appear, and you won’t need to do an extensive cleaning spree every time you use your griddle.

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Warming up before cleaning

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need the proper cleaning supplies to make sure you’re getting rid of germs and bacteria. You can either try options on the market or create your own cleaning mix.

Although cleaning supplies on the market are tested extensively to ensure they are safe, you can never be too sure because they will be in contact with food all the time. If you feel more confident with natural-ingredient solutions, give them a try! You can read here a couple of ideas for starters.

You will need cooking oil for seasoning. Canola will do great. If possible, fill a squeeze bottle with it.

Your Blackstone griddle will need a deep clean once in a while. You can try mixing one cup of baking soda and the juice of a lemon. You will also need white vinegar later on.

Finally, you’ll want to get a baker’s scraper. Make sure you reserve one exclusively for your griddle.

Scraping your Blackstone griddle

The best strategy for preserving your griddle is with a 5-minute cleanse after you use it. This will save you from headaches later. This cleanse doesn’t involve soap or chemicals. It doesn’t even need water!

What you want to do is use your baker’s scraper or a metal spatula. After you’re done cooking, let the griddle cool down and scrape the crusty residues off into the grease catcher. After it’s done, wipe it down with a paper towel. Hot water is optional but recommended for removing stuck-on food.

Seasoning your Blackstone griddle

Seasoning is fundamental here. For both your food and your griddle!

Seasoning a griddle means applying oil to preserve the surface. This needs to be done while the griddle is still hot so immediately after the previous step, you can turn the burners on, and squirt some oil on your griddle. Spread it around and let it get to smoke temperature, which is between 225° – 240° F.

After the oil has been consumed, wipe it down with a rag or towel. Doing this process twice is recommended. Voilà! Now your griddle is seasoned.

Cleaning your barbecue grill

If you want a deep clean for your Blackstone griddle, it’s time to use your preferred cleaning solution. Start by applying over your grill using a brush. Let sit for 10 minutes and then use a damp cloth to remove it.

Then, add undiluted white vinegar at the end. Remember to turn the grill back on for 15 minutes and then turn it off. Fire always kills any remaining bacteria as well as cleaning residue.

Finally, if your model enables you to remove your cooking grate, and it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you can soak it in coffee. This will loosen up the dirt.

cleaning a barbecue grill


Now you know what it takes! Let’s get some work going and leave your Blackstone Griddle or any other grill you may have spotless.

If you need extra help, make sure you hire a professional service and problem solved!