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Home Cleaning Kit Essentials for Smarter Home Cleaning

by admin - December 18, 2020

Home Cleaning Kit Essentials for Smarter Home Cleaning

Cleaning is not easy. However, another question that is even not easy is how to stock up cleaning supplies. For students, newlyweds, or adults just moving into a new house, you need to add a long list of cleaning supplies to your bills if you want to keep you home in pristine conditions. Although it looks challenging, stocking up is not difficult if you know what to look for. Since you don’t have a cleaning agency, you only need the basic supplies to get you through your daily routines. Some essentials that you should buy include:

Top cleaning supplies

A utility belt

A utility belt is like your one size fit for cleaning supplies. As the name implies, it is worn on the waist and is used to hold other cleaning supplies. It can be exhaustive, carrying all your cleaning tools from one room to the other. Since you can’t arrange them on a cart because of the stairs, you can buy a comfortable utility belt so that you can move your supplies from different rooms with ease.

All-purpose cleaner

If there is the option to choose only one type of cleaner, it should be an all-purpose cleaner. Unlike cleaners designed for use on specific areas, an all-purpose cleaner is handy for getting stains off different surfaces. For example, you can use it on countertops and kitchen floors without varied results. To make the process more convenient, you should shop for an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle. The spray version is easier to use and does not leave messy residues. However, we recommend a natural or plant-based cleaner for the safety of house occupants.

Tube, tile, mirror, and window cleaner

Tube cleaners are formulated to clean bacteria, limescale, and soap scum. As a result, they are handy for cleaning different parts of the bathroom. You can try a limescale remover as they are effective for removing dirt from shower screens, draining boards, and taps. Apart from this, mirrors and glass are easy to clean if you have the right product. Whatever product you use should eliminate marks and stains without leaving smears on the mirror or tiles.

Window cleaners are safe for use on glass and won’t leave smear and smudge on your windows. Thanks to their versatile formulation, you can use the products on non-glass surfaces like hardwood floors, stainless appliances, etc. Some all-purpose cleansers double as window cleaners; however, you should confirm if it does before using the product on glass.


Cleaners and cleansers are not formidable enough to get rid of germs and bacteria. As a result, disinfectants are handy compliments in areas like the bathroom and kitchen where germs are more common. Antimicrobial ingredients in disinfectants kill germs and bacteria and prevent further growth. Not only are they ideal for killing germs, they ultimately ensure the safety of every occupant. You can buy disinfectant wipes as they are easier to use and don’t require sprays. Nonetheless, either type of disinfectant will do an excellent job of eliminating germs.

Furniture polish

Some individuals don’t use furniture polish; however, they are handy for keeping your furniture in good condition. Not only do the products smell lovely, but they are designed to go well on wood and bring out the shine and color. Hence, applying it to wood is another way to keep it from falling apart and in good condition. The polish reduces watermarks on wood and adds shine. They are especially handy if the wood is dull and could use a bit of color.

Washing up liquid, bleach, and spirit

Washing up liquids can be used for washing pans, pots, and the bathroom. You can try bleach or hydrogen peroxide as they let you get rid of tough stains on white surfaces. For example, they are an essential product for use on tiles, basins, etc. Surgical spirits, like bleach, remove sticky substances and stains that are hard to remove.

Top cleaning tools

Cleaning the counter tops

Cleaning cloth

Cleaning clothes clean, polish, and dust surfaces smoothly. Among its many advantages, the most significant one is that the clothes are not costly. Hence, you can buy them in a large quantity. Microfiber cloths are the best type for cleaning; however, you can buy optical clothes. Microfiber cloths have absorbent and fine synthetic fibers that attract dust and debris. The clothes are also easy to wash and reusable; hence, a better alternative to paper towels. If you don’t want microfiber, you can choose a reusable cotton diaper or surgical towel.

Sponge and brush

Cleaning sponges, like cloth, let you get close and personal with surfaces. You can choose a non-scratching sponge to avoid scratching the surface when you use them. Apart from this, you should have a scrub brush or sets of brushes in different sizes to handle different tasks. Since a scrub brush will be too large for some surfaces, you can use a detail or toothbrush for close cleaning. The toothbrush should have a sturdy non-slip handle and string bristles for scrubbing hard to reach places.

Rubber gloves and hand duster

Rubber gloves are not must-haves but are handy protection for your hands. You can use hand dusters to remove dust from surfaces like the ceiling fans and other tall areas of your home.

Vacuum, mop, broom, and bucket  

Vacuum cleaner lets you clean rugs and floors faster than you ever will by hand. Although it is the most expensive item on the list, it is critical to smooth cleaning. Not only does the vacuums clean dust, but it also picks dust and ensures convenient emptying. Since you can’t use a vacuum on every floor type, you should invest in brooms to keep your floors clean and mop if you have tile or hardwood floors. Lastly, you should have buckets for convenient mop usage.


All the items above are essential tools and supplies for stress-free home cleaning. More importantly, though, you should have a storage room for keeping the supplies for security, protection, and an easy pick when you want to clean your home.