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How To Clean Your Coffee Maker with Denture Tablets

by admin - July 26, 2018

Cleaning Coffee Maker With Dentures

Denture tablets are great for light cleaning tasks such as cleaning your coffee maker of toilet because they contain dilute sodium hypochlorite, a mild form of bleach. The convenience is, in my opinion, the biggest positive. Nothing easier than dropping a couple of tablets in water! Also, there is no danger of accidents such a spillage such as accidental droplets drippage from bleach on the carpet. Yikes!

Here are 4 step trick that can be used to clean your coffee maker with denture tablets:

1) Drop 2 denture tablets in a cup of water. Allow to fully dissolve.

2) Pour in the cup of fully dissolved denture tablets into the coffee maker’s water reservoir. Let sit for 10 minutes.

3) Turn on cofee maker, allowing water to run through to decanter.

4) Run two pots of water through the coffee maker to rinse….

…and voila! A toilet fit for an orthodontist!