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How to Clean Your Home Like a Professional

by admin - November 16, 2020

An untidy home brings with it a feeling of anxiousness and anxiety. To solve this, most people employ the services of a professional cleaner. Getting a professional to do your house cleaning can be less stressful since they offer the best cleaning jobs to give you more free time. However, employing such a service will increase your already rising bill, something you cannot allow if it can be avoided. 

Cleaning your home yourself seems like an excess task. However, it is a handy approach to save costs and relieve the stress and anxiety clumsy homes are known to bring. When you think about it, it does not require much to become a professional house cleaner. Not that you will be good enough to offer professional services; however, enough to keep your home clean and classy. 

Tips for cleaning your home like a pro 

Stock up and gather cleaning supplies 

Cleaning your home by yourself can be overwhelming. To avoid this and ease the process, we recommend you stock up on cleaning supplies. Home cleaning, surprisingly, does not require too much cleaning supplies. Not just this, but the supplies don’t cost enough to break the bank. When you have the necessary cleaning supplies, you won’t need to spend too much time cleaning, and the process can be breezy. Apart from this, the cleaning will require less prep time, and you can do a quick snap and grab. 

To make the most of the process, set apart a storage box for storing all the supplies for future use. This step is essential as it provides a one-glance view and quick selection. The following items should be in the storage box: 

Microfiber cloths 

Microfiber cloths are cleaning cloths made from synthetic materials. Thanks to their texture and feel, they attract grime and grease with ease. As a result, it makes cleaning surfaces easy, even without using chemicals. The clothes are very absorbent and are handy for cleaning water surfaces. They also effectively get rid of bacteria, cleaning furniture surfaces, and dusting surfaces. Microfiber cloths are considerably easy to clean, unlike paper towels and other less maintenance-friendly cleaning clothes. You can machine wash it if you want and use it a few minutes after washing since the clothes dry quickly. Plus, it is sturdy and will last you through repeated use without fading. 


Sponges are vital for cleaning, especially for cleaning the kitchen. They are useful in keeping kitchen utensils, countertops, gas cookers, and appliances clean. However, you should know that sponges sometimes are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Hence, you should pay special attention to the sponge and how you store it after use.  

Scrub brush

Since a kitchen scrub won’t always be effective for cleaning, you can pair it with a scrub brush. Scrub brushes are handy for getting rid of tough stains that a sponge won’t get rid of. You can use the brush for scrubbing tiles, countertops, and any other surface. 

Brooms and vacuum cleaners

Brooms are another house cleaning necessity for getting rid of dirt lying around and clearing cobwebs from corners of the house and furniture. They are equally useful in the dusting of dirt from couches and chairs. A vacuum comes in handy when cleaning up carpets, rugs, upholstery, window blinds, and even window and door sills. They help remove dust from the sofa as well as the refrigerator coil.

Mops and sizeable buckets 

You will need a mop for general house cleaning that involves soaking up water and washing. Besides the mop, you need a sizable bucket for convenience mop utilization. 

These are not all the cleaning supplies in the world; however, they are essentials that you cannot do without. When you clean, you must pay special attention to details and tiny or hard-to-reach places. More importantly, though, you need to store the equipment after use to make the next cleaning easy and stress-free.  

Declutter your space 

Don’t just move into cleaning and expect an impressive result. Instead, you need to start by arranging and rearranging different parts of your home. Put things in place, dispose of irrelevant things, and get rid of stuff that is no longer useful. This process will make cleaning easier and make navigating more convenient. 

With your tools ready, start with vacuuming before you proceed to mop the floors. Vacuuming helps to get rid of dirt, hair, and dust. After vacuuming the floors, you can proceed to mop the floors. 

Work on your ceiling and walls

While cleaning, ensure you work on every corner and surface in your house, including the ceilings and the walls. Cleaning the floors won’t tend to much if you don’t do the same to the walls and ceilings since dirt drops from the ceilings to the floor. Hence, by cleaning the ceiling and walls, you prevent further dirt accumulation from that channel. Besides, the walls and ceilings are part of your home and should be clean. Since it doesn’t look like a stressful activity, you can schedule routine wall and ceiling cleaning to reduce dirt accumulation and how long you’ll spend cleaning on a general cleaning day. 

Do the laundry

Move from the house and turn your attention to your laundry. However, you can multitask while at it and carry out other tasks. For example, you can leave the clothes in the machine while you go ahead with other house tasks. This will help you finish your tasks with greater efficiency and speed. 

Take the rooms one at a time

Start with different rooms and make your way through the pile of dirt and mess. You can start with the kitchen; wash all kitchen utensils, clear, and organize the drawers while throwing out things that are no longer useful. While at that, clean the refrigerator and freezers by disposing of expired or stale food and wipe off spilled food from the compartments. Do the cleaning of the microwave, stove, and kitchen sink; after that, mop the floor. After this, move to your room and sort out the bathroom until you are satisfied with the result. 


 Cleaning sure is stressful. However, it can be a fun exercise if you let it. It doesn’t look much; however, these are enough tips to let you feel like an expert while cleaning your home.