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Why Joining Other Maid Service Email Lists is a Good Idea

by admin - May 31, 2018

Book Online EasilyWhy joining other maid service email lists is a good idea…

First, if you do not utilize the emails you have collected, then start. I use mailchimp which rocks! With a click of the button, it’s the easiest may to generate business on those sluggishly slow days.

So I’ve joined a few mailing lists over the years because it’s a great catalyst for good ideas. For example, one maid service had simply emailed their story. They didn’t ask for business or offered any coupons, they just eloquently told why and how he and his wife started their cleaning service. It was a well written story I found compelling. It made them likable. And being likable makes people buy from you.

You can also see the types of specials other businesses are running. For this, you should pay attention to the big franchises (Merry Maids, The Maids, etc). They pay big bucks for professional marketing firms to design effective campaigns. The Maids have been exceptionally impressive. Don’t copy their campaigns… You won’t need to because the ideas you’ll get will be enough to create your own, killer effective emailings.

Semi-related: I’ve notice we have quite a few real estate agents on our mailing lists. I found that they join lists so they can take advantage of great deals. You may want to offer that piece of advice to your real estate customers. They will 1) appreciate it – always place your customer’s interest before yours – and 2) even though you may have other lists to compete with, at least you have a chance to win their business.