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Pantry Organization: The Best Trend To Renovate Your Kitchen

by admin - August 18, 2021

Pantry Organization The Best Trend To Renovate Your Kitchen Frisco Maids

Pantry organization is one of the most popular kitchen trends. Don’t overthink it and get on track with it! You don’t need a huge farmhouse in Texas in order to have a functional and organized pantry.

You don’t need thousands of dollars for a renovation either. With some creativity, you could make your pantry a decluttered, organized space and easy to clean as well!

The pantry organization trend

According to the National Association of Home Buyers, pantries and double sinks are the top two most wanted features for a kitchen: 81% of buyers would consider them desirable or essential. If you already have a pantry and are interested in renovating it, or are planning on getting a new one, you should invest your resources wisely to get your money’s worth.

There are so many options for storage and organization that you might feel overwhelmed so let’s take a pause and go through some of the most prominent pantry trends, one by one.

Start by Creating Consistency

Consistency and contrast are the two key factors to renovate or create a new, modern pantry.

To achieve consistency, you won’t need to buy 40 containers of the same size and type. Instead of that, try finding design guidelines or patterns, whether it’s material, color, or shape. Maybe you have three sets of recycled food containers, and you paint all the lids yellow. Perhaps, you can print all your spice’s name tags using the same font and color.

Your food containers can stand out either by themselves or by displaying what’s inside them. There are so many creative ways to recycle or create new ones, and perhaps you can turn this into a DIY project if you’re handy!

Whether it’s solo or with family. You can spend quality time and renovate your pantry at the same time! You can recycle or create wooden boxes, or even rattan baskets. Color can also become a great asset.

Add Contrast To Spice Things Up

Now, to add some contrast, and for this room, in particular, you can find items that are both aesthetic and functional. This is where we can break the consistency on purpose.

Due to their nature, walk-in pantries usually have no windows. This means that natural plants are not a good option. But don’t worry, you can add contrast through other items, such as lighting fixtures or floating shelves.

Maybe you can paint your pantry white and add a pop of color with your customized containers! Or maybe the shelves and background walls are the ones that bring bold color combinations. Wood always matches nicely with either blues or bright yellow and orange tones so feel free to mix and match as you please.

Clean and Colorful Pantry With Mason Jars

Transparency Will Make Your Pantry Products Stand Out

Transparent or translucid materials are always a good choice for storing your pantry ingredients. They all have benefits and drawbacks.

Glass is a material that’s very easy to clean and makes food stand out like a display case. However, we all know the downside: one slip and it’s broken. Plus, they’re more eco-friendly.

Plastic, on the other hand, is shockproof (for the most part) but it might get cracks more often than glass. It is less eco-friendly, but you have a higher chance of finding it in the form of containers for your everyday groceries, which you can then turn into a kitchen canister to give them a new use instead of disposing them.

And acrylic containers are a happy in-between, but you’ll probably have a lesser chance of recycling them because you don’t find them as a container for food in your supermarket! They are also sensitive to cracks, scratching or shattering when dropped.

Organized Pantry With Glass Jars

Tidiness Is Essential For Pantry Organization

The most challenging task will be to keep things clean and tidy.

Make sure your pantry stays organized by not going overboard with containers, let them breathe. A good rule of thumb is to leave about an inch or two between each container. Just start playing around with spacing until it looks good to you. If possible, after you feel happy with the results, get a friend or family member so you can get a fresh, outside opinion.

When it comes to cleaning, most food containers are super easy to clean.

If you’re following our steps on how to clean your home like a professional and it’s cleaning day, you’re probably going to start with the kitchen. Most kichen surfaces are water proof, but what about your pantry shelves? They are usually made from wood or metal covered in plastic.

For wooden shelves, you can begin by mixing one spoon of olive oil with ½ cup lemon juice or vinegar and ½ cup water. Add some essential oils! This will sanitize and protect your wooden shelves. The same mix can be applied to metal shelving. If you added lemon, store it in a fridge and use it within several days.

Clean White Pantry With Containers and Kitchen Supplies


Pantry organization is now a great trend to keep an eye on. Just remember to be creative, you can do so much with so little. Now, more containers and bigger pantries usually mean more cleaning! And remember, if you’re too busy, hire a cleaning service and let them take care of it.

Are you considering renovating your pantry? Are you going to switch things up with your shelves or your containers? Let us know in the comments!