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Pre-Spring Cleaning Activities for A Snowy Day

by admin - February 21, 2021

The usual excuse many people give for not cleaning their home is that they are never around to clean it. Plain and simple. Well, frozen temperatures and snow have sure kept people in their homes in the last few days here in Frisco. Coincidentally, it presents the perfect opportunity to clean your home. Well, what do you know?

Winter when most people find themselves home-bound can be a challenging time. However, on the bright side, it is a good time to prepare for spring and carry out some pre-spring cleaning routines.

Start with up and make your way down

High places around the home are regular victims of neglect as they are always the last to get a fix. Hence, you should climb up now and fix them. For example, clean the air vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Not just this, but you should also clean the high windows and change the light bulbs. The idea is to clean as many items above your head as you can clean.

After cleaning items above you, come down and do the same for items at your eye level zone. This includes tall bookshelves, windows, walls, and furniture. Unlike items above, the ones at your eye level zone require more attention since they receive visitors almost every day. Dust the surfaces, polish the woods and clean the furniture. You can also vacuum the furniture, wash the sheets, and scrub the toilets and showers.

After this, come down into the corners and crevices for a deep clean. Use a mop or vacuum to deep clean the carpets and stains. Sweep the floor, wash the rugs, and mop the tiles.

Defend your carpets and floors

Enough snow to play with outdoors also means enough snow to bring inside your home. However, the less snow you or your kids bring inside, the less you will need to clean later. Hence, defend your floors with doormats to hold snow before you set foot in your house. You can keep one directly outside the door where you can dust off the snow and another immediately inside where you can have a final swipe before entering. Alternatively, you can create a boot tray for holding boots.

Another way to defend your carpets and floor is to create a “no shoes in the house” rule. Instead, prepare a war and fresh slipper sock or socks for every member of your household returning from the snow.

Maintain the furnace and HVAC system

Change the furnace filter to ensure fresh airflow and efficient operations. If the machine is covered in dirt, clean the exterior for a cleaner appearance. Likewise, check the air filters and clean the air vents and ducts. You should also check the chimney for damages to reduce the risk of a chimney fire.


The cold arms of winter send most people indoors to spend time with their family and a hot drink. However, you can make good use of your hibernation to jump-start spring cleaning. And if all this sounds like too much work, just call Frisco Maids or book your clean online within a minute and let us do the dirty work!