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Frisco Maids specializes in residential maid service, especially recurring service (weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly).

Friendly MaidMaid Service

Chances are you have been around the maid service block, tried a few cleaning services, and have been bewildered, wondering why is it so hard to find a good maid service. 

Look no further! Frisco Maids has been in business since 2004, delivering award-winning maid service for families all across Dallas area. During this time we have seen cleaning services come and go. The two biggest mistakes other maid services make are:

Not sending the same cleaning team each and every time. There is a learning curve to cleaning your home. Sending the same team conquers that curve and ensures consistent quality with each clean.

Priced too low. If you want quality service, you won’t find it with a lower cost cleaning service. In this industry the ole adage, “you get what you pay for” holds true. If a maid service does not charge enough, they will not be able to pay and retain their best asset: Their People! 

At Frisco Maids we will send the same cleaning crew each time. If they are not able to make it, we will call first and ask if you’d like to have a replacement team or simply reschedule when your cleaning team can visit your home. 

We are not the cheapest maid service in Frisco. However we care about the quality of your service, the safety of your home, and take pride in delivering the most housecleaning for the dollar! And no worries, we are not the most expensive cleaning service area. We are dedicated to giving you the most for your money. 

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