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Time-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner During San Jacinto Day

by admin - April 21, 2021

Time-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner During San Jacinto Day

It is a vicious cycle: you put off cleaning during workdays because you are too tired and want to use the handful of hours left to either relax or catch up on a backlog of work. As the week goes by, you promise yourself that you will do housework during the weekend or short holidays such as the upcoming San Jacinto Day.

Some people may not even have this day off due to company demands. 

When the time comes, it is very depressing to realize that you have to spend this very brief respite cleaning instead of relaxing and unwinding. While most people make it into their adulthood knowing how to clean, there are shorter paths that can be taken. Efficiency is vital, especially for high-stress, high investment workers who have very little free time overall. 

Here are a few household tips that can help you to manage your cleaning workload:

Invest in a good doormat

This tip applies to people who wear their shoes inside, namely most people in the United States. However, it can be useful even for those who come from cultures that encourage you to leave your shoes at the door. 

The soles of your shoes are designed not to slip, featuring various indentations and grooves. It becomes easy for your shoes to grip a lot of dirt and dust and for you to bring that mess inside. 

While we are stating the obvious such as “shoe soles get dirty,” let’s also mention another banal fact: doormats are fuzzy. Indeed, doormats are fuzzy for the same season that the inside of your nose is fuzzy: to trap dust and keep it from going further. 

A well-made one with a high fiber count can stop up to three-quarters of the dirt caught on your shoes. Overall, you will save a lot of time cleaning and vacuuming by using a quality doormat. You can cut down on the number of required housecleaning sessions while also sporting a pretty, customizable carpet outside of your home. 

It should be mentioned that for doors that see a lot of traffic ( patio, font-door, garage door), you can use two mats. They can be placed before and after the threshold.

Get a robot vacuum

Disclaimers first: a robot vacuum cleaner can never replace the effectiveness of a regular cleaning session done by yourself or a hired cleaning company professional. These types of appliances are ideal for busy professionals, those who cannot afford to vacuum every other day. 

Pet owners also fall into the target demographics, as pets tend to track in dirt and dust. 

Robots vacuums and designed to wander around your carpet, removing any superficial mess while you tend to other matters. Newer models can even be programmed with a pre-set course. They can also detect stars and avoid obstacles. 

If you want to enjoy Saint Jacinto Day without having to worry about vacuuming, a robot-vac is ideal. 

Use furniture polish 

Having a clean house represents the bare minimum expectation. However, if you really want to impress, you have to make your kitchen shiny. While everyone rightfully focuses on floors and windows, they forget about their appliances. 

Most modern fridge doors have a metallic finish made from stainless steel. 

Steel finishes can be found on other appliances, handles, and decorative elements. These surfaces are very good at showing fingerprint stains. 

Our body secretes an oil called sebum, and it is that fatty deposit that often plagues people who prefer their fridge to be fingerprint-free.

The problem stems from the fact that the dedicated solutions are not very effective. Special stainless steel cleaners leave messy streaks, and the shine (if any) is lackluster and unimpressive.

If you are receiving company for San Jacinto Day and want your kitchen to impress, you can use furniture polish on stainless steel. This solution tends to leave fewer streaks and leaves a more persistent shine. 

You can use furniture polish on glass, granite, and wood as well. The cleaning experience is quicker if you don’t have to worry about streaks. 


Prevention is the best cure. Getting a good doormat or a robot vacuum may not be free, but neither is taking time out of your day to clean more often. By simply preventing large messes in the first place, you will get to enjoy San Jacinto Day with your visitors without worrying about the state of your floors and carpets. 

And while you can’t avoid cleaning your kitchen and there are no shortcuts, at least make it count. Very few people will fail to be impressed by shiny and sparkling appliances, floors, and counters. Furniture polish is a better stainless-steel cleaner than many specialized solutions designed specifically for metal.