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About Us

Welcome to Toronto Maids!

We founded this company with one goal in mind: make your home a place that brings you happiness and comfort, and remove unnecessary stress.

You know how it feels like to get home after a long day at work, or after going out with your friends or family. It certainly gets frustrating when you are responsible for cleaning and tidying your home.

However, we all know that floors still need to get mopped, countertops need to be disinfected and bathrooms need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Time and energy are limited resources. You should use them to spend quality time with the people you love.

This is what inspired me to found this cleaning company. My name is Greg Shepard, and I’m the founder of Toronto Maids. I founded Dallas Maids almost 20 years ago, and now I have a new mission: to bring top-notch cleaning services to the Greater Toronto Area with Toronto Maids.

We all know that 24 hours are not enough for all the tasks ahead of us. It is frustrating to have more meaningful, important tasks and having to replace them with cleaning and doing heavy household work.

By having a professional cleaning service taking care of your home, you know you can dedicate your time fully to the things that matter to you. Our goal is to make your life simple and happy, that’s it. We come to your house, clean all the areas that you need to, and that’s it! You will return to a clean, beautiful home.

Here are the reasons why we are proud of our service.

Toronto Maids House Cleaning Services

We offer several types of house cleaning services that will meet your exact needs, because every household is different and even a single house can require a different cleaning approach on different occasions.

We have three main types of cleaning services:

You can check a complete rundown of the differences between each service here.

Besides our three main services, you can select different extra cleaning tasks (e.g., doing a load of laundry or washing dishes) and add specific cleaning instructions, or choose the areas that you want our cleaning artists to give extra attention.

The best part is that you have an insta-quote calculator to have an accurate estimate of your service.

Don’t forget to visit our FAQ, visit our contact page if you require more help, and go to our booking page down below.