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Our Cleaning Process

Learn about our cleaning routines and how we carry out each task.

Toronto Maids has a variety of house cleaning services to fit your needs, whether it’s for a one-time service or a regular cleaning performed once or several times a month.

Each home comes with different needs and rooms that require to be cleaned and sanitized constantly for your safety and wellbeing. This is the reason why a customized cleaning approach is vital.

Let’s talk about each room, why it’s important to keep them nice and tidy, and how a home cleaning service can help in doing so.

Cleaning Your Kitchen & Eating Area

Many people consider their kitchen the heart of their homes. Over the years, it has gone from a mere service space to an entertaining area for guests and for your family.

However, it is a high traffic area. There are both raw and cooked ingredients, as well as grease and oil constantly being cooked. This is why you need to keep this space as sanitary and tidy as possible.

This is why all of our three types of service include kitchen cleaning. Remember you can also customize your house cleaning service to include cleaning inside cabinets and additional appliances.

Our Cleaning Process - Kitchen and Dining Area

It’s important to keep your kitchen and dining area squeaky clean. Photography: Jana Heinemann / Unsplash

Cleaning Your Bathroom

Next on the list is your bathroom. For obvious reasons, your bathrooms require special attention, just like any other room in your home with high levels of humidity.

The constant presence of water and lack of proper sunlight, which is common within bathrooms, can increase the risk of mold growth, and that’s something you do not want anywhere near your home.

But don’t worry, those areas will be covered within our cleaning service as well.

Our Cleaning Process - House Cleaning Services Toronto

The bathroom is the most important area of your house that you should clean. Photography: Karolina Grabowska / Unsplash

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is next on the list of our cleaning process, and this is a place that gathers more dust and bacteria than you think.

If you have been sneezing lately before going to bed or after waking up, or if you have allergies, it might be because your sleeping area needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

Bedrooms are usually quite small rooms and filled with many surfaces: TV stands, closets, nightstands, mirrors, lamps, and the list goes on.

With time, these surfaces get filled with lint, dust, and microbes.

The same goes for your bed. Even if you make your bed every day, there are still millions of dust mites floating around your mattress.

Your bedroom requires some vacuuming, wiping and disinfecting to feel and look brand new.

Our Cleaning Process - White bedroom

Your bedroom needs more cleaning than you think. Photography: Sidekix Media/ Unsplash

Cleaning Your Living Area

Last but certainly not least, your living area. This is the heart of the home, and it needs some serious cleaning from time to time.

First, your couch, armchairs and other pieces of furniture absorb sweat, microbes, and dust. The same goes for electronics. Plus, you also find stains from occasional drink or food spills.

If you have rugs or carpet floors, they will gather all the dirt and dust from your shoes, and if you have pets, it’s going to be even worse, as they absorb pet hair, fur, and dander.

Collecting knick-knacks, trophies, diplomas, or souvenirs and displaying them in your living room adds a lot of personality and warmth. But this also attracts dust and looks dull with time. With a deep cleaning service, this will be taken care of.

Our Cleaning Process - Cleaning Headset - House Cleaning Services

Your living area will gather dust and microbes on electronics and furniture. Photography: Nino Maghradze / Unsplash

Additional Home Cleaning Services

Even though you might find all your needs covered with our three main services, sometimes it’s just not enough. You might need particular cleaning tasks or areas to be covered.

For example, having a cleaning service that does a load of laundry in the meantime; or that gets your oven cleaned, is a great plus and it lets you have a service that’s customized to your needs at that particular time.

During our booking process, you can stick to our standard cleaning service plan, or you can add as many options as you want within our preset “extras” as well as adding personalized instructions or comments about your cleaning service.

We want to offer you the best home cleaning service in Toronto you can hire. To get a better assessment of the type of cleaning service you need, check out the differences between our cleaning services.

And remember, here at Toronto Maids we are always happy to hear our customers’ feedback. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!