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Deep Cleaning Services

With us, you can easily book a deep cleaning in Toronto and surrounding areas.

There are cases where a standard cleaning is not enough. If you haven’t cleaned your home in a while or if you have a special event coming soon, a deep clean may be more suitable.

Our deep cleaning services pay special attention to additional areas and remove all the dirt and grime that had been building up with time. While a regular cleaning routine usually consists of consistent, weekly cleanups, you should deep clean your home at least once a month.

There are more differences between our services that you should learn about. When it comes to deep cleaning, what makes this service stand out from the rest is one thing: attention to detail (even the smallest ones!).

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When Should You Choose Deep Cleaning?

Besides a special event happening soon, there are signs that you need a deep cleaning service.

If you’ve noticed that your home has accumulated dirt and grime over time, a deep clean can be just what it needs. Things that used to look sparkless now look noticeably dull, and your usual cleaning tasks don’t bring back the shine.

When you have never hired a maid service before, we recommend starting with deep cleaning services as well. Then, a standard cleaning can be the best choice for future occasions.

Your home also needs a deep clean when there are unpleasant smells and odors in certain rooms, stains or color fading on walls and floors, or if dust has been building up for so long that it cannot be easily removed.

Our cleaning team will sanitize your house according to your needs and priorities. Thanks to our maid service in Toronto, you can be sure your home is a safe and clean space for you and your family. Satisfaction guarantee is our prime goal.

Our Deep Cleaning Plan

Here’s what our Toronto deep cleaning service includes (unless otherwise specified):


  • Scrub tile grouting
  • Treat mildew chemically
  • Clean and disinfect vanity and sink
  • Clean and disinfect bathtubs, tile walls, and showers
  • Give the shower door extra attention
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Spot clean door and frames for fingerprints
  • Clean and shine mirrors and chrome fixtures
  • Wipe fronts of cabinets
  • Extra attention to floors
  • Individually clean knick-knacks
  • Remove the trash

Kitchen & Eating Areas

  • Clean countertops
  • Clean inside of range hood
  • Clean drip pans
  • Clean grease filter
  • Wipe out microwave
  • Spot clean doors and frames for fingerprints
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, shine chrome
  • Clean and shine appliances
  • Clean outside of cabinets
  • Clean light fixture and ceiling fans
  • Clean knick-knack areas
  • Hand wipe all kitchen furniture
  • Outside of cabinets cleaned
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Mop and vacuum floors

Living & Sleeping Areas

  • Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Wipe window sills and ledges
  • Spot clean doors and frames for fingerprints
  • Vacuum carpet edges
  • Clean knick-knacks individually
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Vacuum areas under accessible furniture
  • Hand wipe furniture
  • Vacuum upholstery and furniture

As you can see, our deep cleaning services involve a complete, exhaustive cleaning of your home that will leave it looking like brand new. Your rooms will be tidy, sanitized, free of unpleasant odors. We make sure to use the best cleaning product to keep your home sparkling.

Choose Quality, Choose Toronto Maids®

At Toronto Maids, your satisfaction is our biggest reward. We have continuously polished our techniques for over 20 years in the industry. Most importantly, we achieved this by listening to our customers’ requirements, demands, and feedback. Your voice matters to us!

Not only this, but we understand that letting someone into your home requires a lot of trust. We carefully select our workers through strict hiring policies, allowing us to maintain our quality, while keeping our customers happy and safe.

If this is your first time booking with us, and would like to get a free quote, our booking page is one click away!