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7 Cleaning Tips for New Year

December 26, 2021 by admin

7 Cleaning Tips for New Year

The holiday season is now upon us! Now is the opportunity to share our time with our loved ones, but it is always a good opportunity to do some cleaning as well! This is why we want to give you 7 tips to start new year with the right foot.

These tips will help you improve your cleaning habits, become more organized with your cleaning schedules, and improve your overall efficiency and quality of time when cleaning and organizing.

Let’s get right into it and read 7 tips that will make your relationship to cleaning much more healthy and consistent for next year.

Choose Green Cleaning Products

One of the most contaminating industries is the cleaning industry. The manufactured cleaning products you use are harmful in different levels: many of them are single-use plastics. Most detergents cause microplastics to end up in the ocean, not to mention the harmful chemicals present in cleaning products.

We’ve talked about steam as a powerful cleaning agent. Water (and particularly very hot water) on its own is more than enough for a variety of cases.

However, you’re obviously going to need stronger cleaning agents for your entire home. In this case, you can choose two routes: either DIY cleaning solutions or eco-friendly companies that offer green cleaning products.

Green cleaning products come from environmentally conscious brands. They are biodegradable, safe to use, free of harmful chemicals and often come with reusable, recyclable and/or plastic-free packaging.

They usually offer a variety of products to clean pretty much all areas and surfaces: all-purpose cleaners, hand soap, laundry pods or liquid detergent, and even personal care products such as hand soap and shampoo.

Cleaning DIY Products

Try Your Own DIY Cleaning Agents

Besides buying new products with a greener approach, creating your own cleaning solutions at home can be just as effective, safe to use and very cost-effective. The best part is, you probably already have many of the components at home!

Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are popular choices here. You can use them individually, or you can mix them to create an even more powerful mix.

Vinegar is one of the most versatile cleaning agents. There are many different types of vinegar but white cooking vinegar (5% concentration) will work just fine. You can use it straight or in a 1:1 water/vinegar solution as an all-purpose cleaner. However, don’t use it on natural stone surfaces (such as marble and granite) because it can cause staining.

Baking soda works great as a deodorizer, you can leave it on your surfaces for around 15 minutes. Mix with water until you form a paste and spread on the surface before wiping it with a microfiber cloth. For example, you can add it to your kitchen sink followed by plenty of hot water to unclog and get rid of nasty smells.

Lemon juice is a powerful degreaser and it absorbs odors as well. You can place a few lemon slices on the fridge to remove odor. For cleaning the microwave, add half a cup of lemon juice to two cups of water and run your microwave for 2 minutes. It will be so much easier to remove grease and food residues as well as any lingering odors.

As you can see, you can do so much with very simple products! As always, before trying any DIY cleaning mix, test in a small, inconspicuous area. You never know how a material or surface might react to your cleaning solution.

Cleaning with Lemon and Vinegar

Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works for You

Believe it or not, this is a massive problem that could be the reason why your cleaning is not consistent, or makes you feel overwhelmed. There’s no room for overwhelming when your activities are well thought and planned out.

Creating the perfect schedule and checklist might take some time: you need to perform a cleaning task a few times to know how long is going to take you, and even if that were the case, they might take you longer than expected.

Besides, you will need to organize each household chore into a weekly or monthly schedule in order to be as efficient as possible. You should do some tasks every day, while many of them only need to be done once a week or once or twice a month.

The other challenge is to find free time. Of course, depending on your schedule, it might work for you to perform a deep cleaning once a week or a month, or it could be smarter to clean a little bit every single day.

Cleaning Schedule

Make Cleaning a Family Activity

Unfortunately, cleaning is a task that gets often relegated to a single person in the household. This is not positive because it takes a toll, both mentally and physically, if only one person gets to clean, organize, declutter, do laundry and even do their own cleaning products or purchase them at the store.

This becomes even worse if that person also needs to take care of other tasks such as working and/or studying.

A healthy habit to start next year would be to incorporate everyone into your home’s cleaning schedule. For example, children that participate in ho usehold chores increase their self-steem and confidence, according to research.

Of course, keep your tasks age-appropiate and see what everyone likes to do better. Maybe someone likes cooking but hate doing the dishes, or prefers vacuuming to mopping the floors. It’s also a good idea to switch things up so that no one gets bored or feels “stuck” doing the same task.

Of course, you can skip all of this if you hire a cleaning service.

Set a Timer for Accomplishing Your Cleaning Routine

If you’re not a cleaning enthusiastic, you’d often find that there’s so much that needs to be done and you have such little time. If you don’t have a fixed number of minutes to finish a task, you end up taking longer than necessary.

By setting a timer, you will feel motivated to finish your task before the timer goes off. This can increase concentration and work speed. Just make sure your task gets done properly.

You can adapt this routine to children as well, by creating some sort of “challenge” to clean and organize everything under X amount of minutes.

The question is: how much time? This is hard because each task is different and might require a different time. You want it to be long enough to give you time to finish that task, yet short enough to motivate you into doing it faster and with a lot of energy.

With that in mind, 20 to 30 minutes is a reasonable chunk of time, but you can start with something as short as 10 or 15 minutes and work your way up. 

Cleaning Agenda

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Most areas of your life offer room for improvement. Working or studying mindlessly for 10 hours straight might not be as efficient as you think, and the same happens with cleaning.

There are different strategies to clean smarter and not harder:

One of the most common mistakes is to clean without following a method. A good rule of thumb is to start on one corner and work your way out of there.

Similarly, you should also clean from top to bottom: this way every lint and dust residues will fall naturally to the floor, which you should save for last before sweeping and mopping.

Another pro tip is to let cleaning agents work their magic for a while. Instead of scrubbing and rubbing right away, let them act for about 15 minutes (although this depends on the type of cleaning agent) and then wipe everything out.

This will require less energy and, by not scrubbing too hard, you’ll avoid leaving streaks and scratches.

Cleaning Wipes

Create Healthy Cleaning Habits

Being an adult is not easy. Making your bed right after you wake up, doing the dishes every day and taking the trash out every night, are great achievements for some people even though they might sound like easy and basic cleaning tasks.

A positive cleaning habit will make your life easier and happier by creating consistency and a healthy routine. By doing this, you remove the stress and anxiety of thinking about what tasks need to be done and gathering “courage” to accomplish them.

It’s exactly the same as other daily habits such as going to the gym or a nighttime skincare routine.

The best way to incorporate habits is to start slow. Remember, the goal is to create consistency and make it sustainable over time. January tends to be a month where people feel extra motivated and want to accomplish too much at the same time.

This often comes with frustration once these goals are not accomplished over time.

Let’s do it the right way then! Start by incorporating one habit at a time. Habits take about 2 months before they are fully settled into your routine.

Here are a few cleaning habits that you can consider as a goal for New Year:

  • Putting your clothes away every night.
  • Spending five minutes tidying up every night.
  • Making your bed.
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Taking the trash out.
  • Clearing your surfaces.

The time of the day you choose for completing any of these tasks is not set in stone, however, you should make sure that they can be completed at that same time of the day every day (or night).

Some tasks, like taking the trash out or doing the dishes, might work better at night, while making the bed can be helpful first thing in the morning.

Cleaning a Laptop


There it is! 7 tips for creating a more organized, effective cleaning routine for you for this New Year.

Remember to adapt them to your own schedule, and work towards achieving consistency and sustainability over time. Plain efficiency is just not worth it if it doesn’t last more than 2 or 3 weeks.

And remember, you can always hire a professional cleaning service in the Frisco area if you want to save energy and time to spend with your loved ones during these holidays.

May you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Pantry Organization: The Best Trend To Renovate Your Kitchen

August 18, 2021 by admin

Pantry Organization The Best Trend To Renovate Your Kitchen Frisco Maids

Pantry organization is one of the most popular kitchen trends. Don’t overthink it and get on track with it! You don’t need a huge farmhouse in Texas in order to have a functional and organized pantry.

You don’t need thousands of dollars for a renovation either. With some creativity, you could make your pantry a decluttered, organized space and easy to clean as well!

The pantry organization trend

According to the National Association of Home Buyers, pantries and double sinks are the top two most wanted features for a kitchen: 81% of buyers would consider them desirable or essential. If you already have a pantry and are interested in renovating it, or are planning on getting a new one, you should invest your resources wisely to get your money’s worth.

There are so many options for storage and organization that you might feel overwhelmed so let’s take a pause and go through some of the most prominent pantry trends, one by one.

Start by Creating Consistency

Consistency and contrast are the two key factors to renovate or create a new, modern pantry.

To achieve consistency, you won’t need to buy 40 containers of the same size and type. Instead of that, try finding design guidelines or patterns, whether it’s material, color, or shape. Maybe you have three sets of recycled food containers, and you paint all the lids yellow. Perhaps, you can print all your spice’s name tags using the same font and color.

Your food containers can stand out either by themselves or by displaying what’s inside them. There are so many creative ways to recycle or create new ones, and perhaps you can turn this into a DIY project if you’re handy!

Whether it’s solo or with family. You can spend quality time and renovate your pantry at the same time! You can recycle or create wooden boxes, or even rattan baskets. Color can also become a great asset.

Add Contrast To Spice Things Up

Now, to add some contrast, and for this room, in particular, you can find items that are both aesthetic and functional. This is where we can break the consistency on purpose.

Due to their nature, walk-in pantries usually have no windows. This means that natural plants are not a good option. But don’t worry, you can add contrast through other items, such as lighting fixtures or floating shelves.

Maybe you can paint your pantry white and add a pop of color with your customized containers! Or maybe the shelves and background walls are the ones that bring bold color combinations. Wood always matches nicely with either blues or bright yellow and orange tones so feel free to mix and match as you please.

Clean and Colorful Pantry With Mason Jars

Transparency Will Make Your Pantry Products Stand Out

Transparent or translucid materials are always a good choice for storing your pantry ingredients. They all have benefits and drawbacks.

Glass is a material that’s very easy to clean and makes food stand out like a display case. However, we all know the downside: one slip and it’s broken. Plus, they’re more eco-friendly.

Plastic, on the other hand, is shockproof (for the most part) but it might get cracks more often than glass. It is less eco-friendly, but you have a higher chance of finding it in the form of containers for your everyday groceries, which you can then turn into a kitchen canister to give them a new use instead of disposing them.

And acrylic containers are a happy in-between, but you’ll probably have a lesser chance of recycling them because you don’t find them as a container for food in your supermarket! They are also sensitive to cracks, scratching or shattering when dropped.

Organized Pantry With Glass Jars

Tidiness Is Essential For Pantry Organization

The most challenging task will be to keep things clean and tidy.

Make sure your pantry stays organized by not going overboard with containers, let them breathe. A good rule of thumb is to leave about an inch or two between each container. Just start playing around with spacing until it looks good to you. If possible, after you feel happy with the results, get a friend or family member so you can get a fresh, outside opinion.

When it comes to cleaning, most food containers are super easy to clean.

If you’re following our steps on how to clean your home like a professional and it’s cleaning day, you’re probably going to start with the kitchen. Most kichen surfaces are water proof, but what about your pantry shelves? They are usually made from wood or metal covered in plastic.

For wooden shelves, you can begin by mixing one spoon of olive oil with ½ cup lemon juice or vinegar and ½ cup water. Add some essential oils! This will sanitize and protect your wooden shelves. The same mix can be applied to metal shelving. If you added lemon, store it in a fridge and use it within several days.

Clean White Pantry With Containers and Kitchen Supplies


Pantry organization is now a great trend to keep an eye on. Just remember to be creative, you can do so much with so little. Now, more containers and bigger pantries usually mean more cleaning! And remember, if you’re too busy, hire a cleaning service and let them take care of it.

Are you considering renovating your pantry? Are you going to switch things up with your shelves or your containers? Let us know in the comments!

5 Amazing Tools for Faster, Easier Cleaning

August 11, 2021 by admin

5 Tools for Cleaning

Where would we be without technology? The way we live never stops evolving and the cleaning industry is not an exception. It keeps expanding and new cleaning tools become more efficient, smart, and durable. There are so many different models and brands on the market to make our cleaning routines easier.

You can either take your picks for you or get them as the perfect gift for friends and family. Let’s go through some of the most advanced yet affordable tools for tidying, cleaning, and sanitizing our home.

Tool #1: Anti-static broom

If you have a hard time sweeping your floor because hair and other residues stick everywhere, you could use an anti-static broom. If you have pets, this will work great for removing pet hair and fur.

Anti-static brooms are made with a material that doesn’t generate static, such as rubber. This type of broom will work great on hard floors such as tile and wood.

Antistatic Broom

Tool #2: Steam vacuum cleaner

Steam and hot water overall are actually great cleaning agents. Combine that with the power and efficiency of a vacuum cleaner and you’ll get clean, sanitized spaces in a snap! You can also add different liquids such as vinegar to enhance its cleaning properties.

Make sure you’re using the steam vacuum cleaner on the right kind of surface. Some materials, especially organics such as wooden floors or furniture, do not get along with moisture.

There are vacuum cleaners that are created just for carpet and upholstery. You might want to consider getting one of those if your floors are carpet.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell

Tool #3: Cleaning drill brush

They are also known as Power Scrubber for a reason. You can think of them as the head of a toilet brush attached to a drill. This may seem a little over-the-top but it’s a perfect tool for deep cleaning, especially for your bathroom tiles. Grout can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to deep cleaning so this will be a great solution.

Remember to work smarter, not harder. This tool is ideal for cleaning tiles, but you need to loosen up dirt before. Mix half a cup of baking soda, one spoon of dish soap and two spoons of hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for 10 minutes before using your brand new drill brush!

Toilet Brush

Tool #4: Microfiber mop for cleaning floors

Microfiber is a very effective cleaning material. It absorbs both liquids and dirt better than cotton cloths. This is why a microfiber mop is a great investment. They are usually sold with one or multiple reusable microfiber pads to attach to the stick.

If you get one with multiple reusable pads, you will be able to finish faster because you can use each one of them for a different room in your home.

Microfiber Mop

Tool #5: Handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning your couch

Cordless vacuum cleaners are great for reaching difficult areas, like your window tracks; or places where it might be hard to maneuver around with long cords and tubes, such as your car. Handheld vacuum cleaners usually run on batteries and they include a small container for trash.

Modern handheld vacuum cleaners will also include a crevice tool and a brush, in order to reach even deeper places.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


There you have it! 5 tools to make your cleaning routines feel like a walk in the park. It’s always a good idea to invest in tools that will save you hundreds of hours in the long run and assure effective cleaning results.

Remember, although efficient, they will only work if you don’t let dirt and dust buildup. Get the best cleaning supplies (whether it’s from the store or a DIY solution) in order to maximize the outcome of your routine.

Make sure to stick to a cleaning regime and if you’re extra busy, remember you can always hire a cleaning service!

Here’s the Best Way to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle

August 4, 2021 by admin

barbecue blackstone griddle

Who doesn’t like a good barbecue? It’s the perfect time to invite your friends & family and have fun while cooking delicious meat or veggies. However, it can be challenging to keep it clean. After all, who wants to clean a barbecue grill after enjoying a great meal?

Here’s the problem. If you own a Blackstone Griddle or any other type of grill, they are constantly in contact with different types of food, fat, and grease. We constantly clean our pans and dishes because they need to be safe for us to put food on them. So why should your grill be any different?

Cooking on a griddle surely gives great results but it can be harder to clean because of its size and type of surface. While you want it to be cleaned, you don’t want to leave scratches. Some Blackstone barbecues also come with a cooking grate, which is harder to clean because it’s not an even, flat surface.

Let’s read how to clean your Blackstone Griddle and get the best out of your Sunday barbecue.

What happens if I don’t clean my griddle?

Several problems may arise. Despite your cooking grates being treated specifically to avoid residues sticking to them, there’s so much they can do if you don’t remove grease and oil manually.

Bacteria and other types of germs need both water and organics to grow. Probably, they are both in your grill right now, especially in places that can reach high humidity levels, like Texas. Rust is also a possibility especially after some time using your griddle.

But don’t worry! It takes time for these issues to appear, and you won’t need to do an extensive cleaning spree every time you use your griddle.

barbecue grill

Warming up before cleaning

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need the proper cleaning supplies to make sure you’re getting rid of germs and bacteria. You can either try options on the market or create your own cleaning mix.

Although cleaning supplies on the market are tested extensively to ensure they are safe, you can never be too sure because they will be in contact with food all the time. If you feel more confident with natural-ingredient solutions, give them a try! You can read here a couple of ideas for starters.

You will need cooking oil for seasoning. Canola will do great. If possible, fill a squeeze bottle with it.

Your Blackstone griddle will need a deep clean once in a while. You can try mixing one cup of baking soda and the juice of a lemon. You will also need white vinegar later on.

Finally, you’ll want to get a baker’s scraper. Make sure you reserve one exclusively for your griddle.

Scraping your Blackstone griddle

The best strategy for preserving your griddle is with a 5-minute cleanse after you use it. This will save you from headaches later. This cleanse doesn’t involve soap or chemicals. It doesn’t even need water!

What you want to do is use your baker’s scraper or a metal spatula. After you’re done cooking, let the griddle cool down and scrape the crusty residues off into the grease catcher. After it’s done, wipe it down with a paper towel. Hot water is optional but recommended for removing stuck-on food.

Seasoning your Blackstone griddle

Seasoning is fundamental here. For both your food and your griddle!

Seasoning a griddle means applying oil to preserve the surface. This needs to be done while the griddle is still hot so immediately after the previous step, you can turn the burners on, and squirt some oil on your griddle. Spread it around and let it get to smoke temperature, which is between 225° – 240° F.

After the oil has been consumed, wipe it down with a rag or towel. Doing this process twice is recommended. Voilà! Now your griddle is seasoned.

Cleaning your barbecue grill

If you want a deep clean for your Blackstone griddle, it’s time to use your preferred cleaning solution. Start by applying over your grill using a brush. Let sit for 10 minutes and then use a damp cloth to remove it.

Then, add undiluted white vinegar at the end. Remember to turn the grill back on for 15 minutes and then turn it off. Fire always kills any remaining bacteria as well as cleaning residue.

Finally, if your model enables you to remove your cooking grate, and it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you can soak it in coffee. This will loosen up the dirt.

cleaning a barbecue grill


Now you know what it takes! Let’s get some work going and leave your Blackstone Griddle or any other grill you may have spotless.

If you need extra help, make sure you hire a professional service and problem solved!

Steam Cleaning: The Power Behind Hot Water

July 28, 2021 by admin

Iron Blowing Steam

Even though there are hundreds of cleaning products in all shapes and sizes, one of the most effective cleaning agents is found in every household for free: water.

Heating your water beyond 212° F (or 100° C) will turn it into steam. There are dozens of cleaning products on the market that use steam as the main cleaning agent and, besides releasing steam, they usually double up as a specialized tool such as a brush or a mop for specific surfaces or materials.

The science behind steam

Scientific evidence proves that steam kills most viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and other types of germs. This is because they haven’t been able to evolve to a point that they can resist such high temperatures. Most bacteria resist up to 100°C at most, after that, they are destroyed.  

Other research has shown that it is also effective against fungi, such as mold and mildew. Here are some examples of steam as an effective cleaning product:

Iron your clothes with steam

There’s a reason why garment steamers are becoming so popular. Steam helps to remove wrinkles from your clothing because it relaxes the fiber so it can return to a “flat” state.

In fact, garment steamers are becoming more and more popular because they are gentler than using irons.

If you think about it, it makes sense: with an iron, you’re pressing hard on your clothes by using a hot metal surface. With a garment steamer, you’re just slightly brushing the surface and the only thing you’re using is hot water.

Especially for delicate fabrics, this is going to be much a much softer approach that will preserve your clothing in the long run.

Garment steamers also generate a high-pressure jet of steam that is able to get in between your clothes’ fibers, pushing out germs and dissipating them in the air.

Even a steam iron will be more efficient than a regular iron and, depending on the fabric, even more, effective than a garment steamer. Materials like cotton and denim will require ironing because they need to be pressed to get creases out.

Steam Iron

Vacuum your floors with steam

For obvious reasons, floors collect a tremendous number of bacteria. Now there are vacuum cleaners or steam mops that will be able to clean your floors by releasing steam.

Some models also come with a specific attachment to clean grout, which is a hard-bristle, flat brush that can help you scrub grout lines as you use your steam cleaner.

There are floors such as laminate and vinyl which won’t like steam that much because it might get underneath the planks and create moisture, so be careful to check whether your flooring will be appropriate or not.

The same will happen for floors that are made from natural components, such as linoleum or hardwood floors.

Organic materials require a very specific level of humidity to stay “healthy”. Steam can get in between the fibers and produce excessive moisture.

Yellow Vacuum Cleaner

Remove scum and grime with a steam cleaner

This can be a major issue in bathrooms and kitchens because residues of food, grease, soap, and other components can get stuck in between tiles. You won’t remove all that buildup that easily.

What you need is a cleaning agent to soften the dirt and grime. Once again, you won’t need any chemicals for this, what better than steam at very high temperatures?

Scum and grime are mostly found on your appliances and countertops. The good thing about steam is that it can get inside every nook and cranny, so it can be helpful for cleaning your kitchen faucet, for example.

Also, since it’s steam it will evaporate almost immediately, leaving no residues that can leave a spot on your surfaces.


Steam is a wonderful cleaning agent: effective, extremely cheap and, of course, very safe to use. You’ll be able to clean and disinfect most surfaces at home and avoid harmful chemicals.

Before jumping in, do some research to make sure the material or surface you want to get cleaned won’t have any issues with steam or hot water.

If you’re still unsure on how to proceed or just don’t have the time for mastering a new cleaning technique, remember you can always hire a professional service and let them take care of it!

Time-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner During San Jacinto Day

April 21, 2021 by admin

Time-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner During San Jacinto Day

It is a vicious cycle: you put off cleaning during workdays because you are too tired and want to use the handful of hours left to either relax or catch up on a backlog of work. As the week goes by, you promise yourself that you will do housework during the weekend or short holidays such as the upcoming San Jacinto Day.

Some people may not even have this day off due to company demands. 

When the time comes, it is very depressing to realize that you have to spend this very brief respite cleaning instead of relaxing and unwinding. While most people make it into their adulthood knowing how to clean, there are shorter paths that can be taken. Efficiency is vital, especially for high-stress, high investment workers who have very little free time overall. 

Here are a few household tips that can help you to manage your cleaning workload:

Invest in a good doormat

This tip applies to people who wear their shoes inside, namely most people in the United States. However, it can be useful even for those who come from cultures that encourage you to leave your shoes at the door. 

The soles of your shoes are designed not to slip, featuring various indentations and grooves. It becomes easy for your shoes to grip a lot of dirt and dust and for you to bring that mess inside. 

While we are stating the obvious such as “shoe soles get dirty,” let’s also mention another banal fact: doormats are fuzzy. Indeed, doormats are fuzzy for the same season that the inside of your nose is fuzzy: to trap dust and keep it from going further. 

A well-made one with a high fiber count can stop up to three-quarters of the dirt caught on your shoes. Overall, you will save a lot of time cleaning and vacuuming by using a quality doormat. You can cut down on the number of required housecleaning sessions while also sporting a pretty, customizable carpet outside of your home. 

It should be mentioned that for doors that see a lot of traffic ( patio, font-door, garage door), you can use two mats. They can be placed before and after the threshold.

Get a robot vacuum

Disclaimers first: a robot vacuum cleaner can never replace the effectiveness of a regular cleaning session done by yourself or a hired cleaning company professional. These types of appliances are ideal for busy professionals, those who cannot afford to vacuum every other day. 

Pet owners also fall into the target demographics, as pets tend to track in dirt and dust. 

Robots vacuums and designed to wander around your carpet, removing any superficial mess while you tend to other matters. Newer models can even be programmed with a pre-set course. They can also detect stars and avoid obstacles. 

If you want to enjoy Saint Jacinto Day without having to worry about vacuuming, a robot-vac is ideal. 

Use furniture polish 

Having a clean house represents the bare minimum expectation. However, if you really want to impress, you have to make your kitchen shiny. While everyone rightfully focuses on floors and windows, they forget about their appliances. 

Most modern fridge doors have a metallic finish made from stainless steel. 

Steel finishes can be found on other appliances, handles, and decorative elements. These surfaces are very good at showing fingerprint stains. 

Our body secretes an oil called sebum, and it is that fatty deposit that often plagues people who prefer their fridge to be fingerprint-free.

The problem stems from the fact that the dedicated solutions are not very effective. Special stainless steel cleaners leave messy streaks, and the shine (if any) is lackluster and unimpressive.

If you are receiving company for San Jacinto Day and want your kitchen to impress, you can use furniture polish on stainless steel. This solution tends to leave fewer streaks and leaves a more persistent shine. 

You can use furniture polish on glass, granite, and wood as well. The cleaning experience is quicker if you don’t have to worry about streaks. 


Prevention is the best cure. Getting a good doormat or a robot vacuum may not be free, but neither is taking time out of your day to clean more often. By simply preventing large messes in the first place, you will get to enjoy San Jacinto Day with your visitors without worrying about the state of your floors and carpets. 

And while you can’t avoid cleaning your kitchen and there are no shortcuts, at least make it count. Very few people will fail to be impressed by shiny and sparkling appliances, floors, and counters. Furniture polish is a better stainless-steel cleaner than many specialized solutions designed specifically for metal.

Why Cleaning Your Home Before Easter Is Important

April 2, 2021 by admin

The Easter holiday is usually a memorable one. Why? Because there’s a lot of fun for families and friends. It could be on your bucket list to go on a trip with your loved ones to celebrate Easter. On the other hand, you can decide to host a get-together in your home. If you’re going to do this or not, cleaning your home before Easter should be on your checklist. Of course, this is a period to have fun, entertain yourself and your loved ones, and also bond with them. In some places, it is a tradition to clean up the home before any celebration. This shows how important that particular festivity is.

Easter is that time of the year when Christians all over the world celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time to celebrate and welcome loved ones into your home. You certainly wouldn’t want to invite them over while your house is untidy and unorganized, would you? This is exactly why it is important to clean your home before Easter. There are so many reasons you should organize and clean up your home before Easter. Let’s see a few of them:

1. Safety For Kids

If you’re going to be having kids over, you wouldn’t want them to get hurt. A clean home, free of hazardous materials is suitable for them. This is why you should take out time to clean up thoroughly before they arrive. If kids trip and hurt themselves because of wrongly placed items while in your home, it wouldn’t make you a good host.

2. A Clean Home Will Give Lasting Impression On Your Guests

Note that your Easter cleaning should be different from your regular everyday home cleaning. On normal days, there are areas in the home that are usually left untouched. This includes the windows, fans, upholstery, rugs, back, and top of the cupboards, refrigerators, freezers, underneath the sofa, and so on. They all need to be cleaned up in preparation for Easter because any celebration needs a tidy and organized home space.

Your home should be clean and clutter-free before you invite guests over. This will leave a lasting impression on them. You can act as a guest and look around your home. Are there areas that need to be cleaned up? Are there things that should be moved out? If your guests are going to spend the night, you need to also make sure your bathroom and toilets are well cleaned.

3. A Clean House Is Healthier

In a previous blog, we talked about a clean house is healthier. There’s this sense of accomplishment when your home looks good and smells nice. There’s also inner joy when you see that your guests are comfortable with smiles on their faces. In all, there’s joy in being a good host. A clean home gives you peace of mind and is also comforting. It makes everyone relax as they enjoy the celebrations.

A clean home also contributes to healthy living as there won’t be dust and dirt to make you fall sick. You won’t have a lot of fun if you’re down with an illness. When you’re healthy physically, you can have all the fun you want with your family.

4. Quality Time With Loved Ones

Naturally, everyone loves good things. If your home is welcoming and inviting, your guests won’t be in a hurry to leave. This helps you spend quality time with your loved ones. It could be that you don’t see them all the time because of busy schedules or different locations. Holiday seasons like Easter are a time to bond and catch up.

A clean home makes this possible as it would be a comfortable place to spend with your loved ones. Imagine sitting with all the special people in your life, laughing, talking, and of course, breathing in clean and fresh air. Nothing can beat that!

Family enjoys dinner in a clean home


So many things can happen during the Easter celebrations. However, one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is that cleaning your home before Easter is a vital aspect. Don’t forget that the home may be a little bit messy after the celebrations. So why not clean up before everything to lessen the burden of cleaning up later on.

Yard Cleaning Practices for the Spring

March 17, 2021 by admin

Spring is around the corner, and as expected, most homeowners are getting ready for the popular spring cleaning. While it is perfectly fine to want to give our house a well-deserved makeover, we often neglect another very important part of the house. Spring cleaning is for cleaning everything inside your house (Here are some tips on pre-spring cleaning on a snowy day), but while at it, pay some attention to your lawn and garden.

Quick tips for cleaning your yard for spring

Start with the obvious stuff

Winter leaves snow everywhere that often covers dirt and debris. However, when all the snow is gone, your yard floor will be laid bare. Hence, go around and pick up litter all-around your house. For example, winter leaves behind fallen trees, broken glasses, and debris on the lawn. Unfortunately, melted snow prevents the growth of healthy grasses. Therefore, put on your gloves and go around to pick whatever is out of place.

Use your rake

While it is advisable to rake your lawn before winter to avoid snow, you shouldn’t stop at that. Instead, rake your lawn again when the snow melts to remove twigs, pinecones, and dead leaves. Small debris like leaves, dead grasses, and small sticks will be useful in a compost pile. However, you can always take them for recycling if you want. Cleaning small debris with your rake makes landscaping projects easy.

Prune and trim the trees

Before trimming trees, check mature trees for broken limbs and damages. Since snow is heavy, it often breaks old trees, at least some part of it. This is why you should examine mature trees as part of your spring cleaning routine. If there are any, remove the broken and dead limbs.

After checking for broken and damaged trees, prune and trim old bushes and plants that are still standing. While you are trimming, don’t remove health branches, but only remove the diseased and damaged ones.

Remove aggressive weeds

Remove weeds very early into spring to avoid complications when the summer daylight begins. This is because weeds grow stronger roots that are more difficult to remove during spring; hence the need to deal with them. You can use a pre-emergent traditional or organic herbicide consistently before the weeds germinate to kill them.

Plant new mulch after removing old ones

Remove old mulch before planting new flowers and plants. However, don’t be too hasty with this process. The reason is that native bees, soldier beetles, hummingbird clearwing moths, and other pollinators and insects depend on the mulch for survival. Wait until the soil is warm before mulching. After planting, replace mulch to freshen your landscape.

Improve your lawn

Your lawn should be green and lush during the warmer season. Hence, wait until the grass is almost 5 inches tall before mowing. Start by trimming the lawn instead of over-cutting it to prevent damages and help it withstand warm weather.

Bring out the furniture and replace lawn decoration

Take out your furniture from storage and find a good placement for them in your yard. Not just this, add lawn decoration. However, clean the furniture and covers before setting them on your lawn.


Are you also guilty of focusing on the inside and neglecting the outside during spring cleaning? Well, who’s judging. Use some of the tips above to prepare your lawn for the spring. Plus, you can conveniently try other ways to make your lawn appear more lovely. 

Pre-Spring Cleaning Activities for A Snowy Day

February 21, 2021 by admin

The usual excuse many people give for not cleaning their home is that they are never around to clean it. Plain and simple. Well, frozen temperatures and snow have sure kept people in their homes in the last few days here in Frisco. Coincidentally, it presents the perfect opportunity to clean your home. Well, what do you know?

Winter when most people find themselves home-bound can be a challenging time. However, on the bright side, it is a good time to prepare for spring and carry out some pre-spring cleaning routines.

Start with up and make your way down

High places around the home are regular victims of neglect as they are always the last to get a fix. Hence, you should climb up now and fix them. For example, clean the air vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Not just this, but you should also clean the high windows and change the light bulbs. The idea is to clean as many items above your head as you can clean.

After cleaning items above you, come down and do the same for items at your eye level zone. This includes tall bookshelves, windows, walls, and furniture. Unlike items above, the ones at your eye level zone require more attention since they receive visitors almost every day. Dust the surfaces, polish the woods and clean the furniture. You can also vacuum the furniture, wash the sheets, and scrub the toilets and showers.

After this, come down into the corners and crevices for a deep clean. Use a mop or vacuum to deep clean the carpets and stains. Sweep the floor, wash the rugs, and mop the tiles.

Defend your carpets and floors

Enough snow to play with outdoors also means enough snow to bring inside your home. However, the less snow you or your kids bring inside, the less you will need to clean later. Hence, defend your floors with doormats to hold snow before you set foot in your house. You can keep one directly outside the door where you can dust off the snow and another immediately inside where you can have a final swipe before entering. Alternatively, you can create a boot tray for holding boots.

Another way to defend your carpets and floor is to create a “no shoes in the house” rule. Instead, prepare a war and fresh slipper sock or socks for every member of your household returning from the snow.

Maintain the furnace and HVAC system

Change the furnace filter to ensure fresh airflow and efficient operations. If the machine is covered in dirt, clean the exterior for a cleaner appearance. Likewise, check the air filters and clean the air vents and ducts. You should also check the chimney for damages to reduce the risk of a chimney fire.


The cold arms of winter send most people indoors to spend time with their family and a hot drink. However, you can make good use of your hibernation to jump-start spring cleaning. And if all this sounds like too much work, just call Frisco Maids or book your clean online within a minute and let us do the dirty work!

A DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Gifting Your Parents the Gift of Cleaning for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2021 by admin

Been there, done that is usually the attitude of most parents with valentine’s day. Unlike us younger ones still burning with passion and love, it can be challenging to get your parents out on a valentine’s date. With enough cores around the house to keep them busy, they can only do so much and still try to appreciate this valentine. That is where you all come in; to put yourself in charge of housekeeping so you can present a sweet home enough to make their hearts flutter.

Take care of the unpleasantness

Start with the difficult room since they are usually the toughest to clean. By difficult and unpleasant rooms, I mean the toilet shower, sink, and tub.

Toilet and shower  

Use distilled white vinegar to spray the toilet rim and scrub the grime out with a toilet brush. You can let the vinegar sit in for a few minutes and flush it down. If there is any left, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away residues. You can use the same combination to remove hard water stains from the shower and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Sink and tub

Bathtubs and sinks could either be made from porcelain, enamel, acrylic, etc. This knowledge will help you determine the most appropriate cleaning method to use. You should only use a cleaning solution that is recommended for the tub. Alternatively, use water, baking soda, and microfiber cloth.

Take care of the dust and vacuum

The next step after washing the toilet and sinks is to dust the house before vacuuming to eliminate dust build-up after vacuum. Since this task is considerably easy, all you need to do is use some dry microfiber cloths and a duster to wipe the dust off tools, gadgets, baseboards, ceiling fans, and blinds. Protect your eyes and lay a sheet to catch falling debris if you are dusting a hard-to-reach part. Next is to vacuum the floors for valentine. After dusting, the floor should be dusty and quite messy. Take care of this by vacuuming through the house. You can use baking soda to neutralize unpleasant odors for a lovely smell. If the dust is on a piece of furniture, hover the cleaner above it to suck the dust without stress.

Washing hands in sink

The kitchen is essential to valentine cleaning

Clean the stovetops, cabinets, and countertops with warm water and liquid dishwashing liquid and wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth. However, rinse the cloth as you work to prevent leaving residues on the surface. Empty the boxes that need to be emptied and keep them away from sight. You should also take care of the dishes as no valentine’s day is really valentine if the sink is filled with dirty dishes. Take time with this routine, especially if you intend to prepare the valentine’s day meal.


Making your parents happy is not too much to ask for. Although it is not your responsibility, you can make this valentine’s day a memorable one for your folks. Use these tips to keep them away from work and let them enjoy themselves whether indoors or outdoors for as long as they want. If you have the time, do the laundry to give your parents the wholesome valentine’s day treatment.